Our Story

Sustainability, quality and timeless style are the core values of Tuwi’s collection. It was an ambition to do more to support sustainable homeware that was the initial thinking behind Tuwi, but it wasn’t until a trip to Peru and the purchase of a fine alpaca blanket that the seed was truly sown.


With the inception of Tuwi came the desire to create a collection that looks beautiful and feels even better. Tuwi is for the style and quality conscious and for those who care about a product’s journey, how it came to be and the welfare of those involved in the creation of it. Tuwi only works with Fair Trade certified suppliers, meaning they pay a fair price for the fibre they buy which in turn creates a more stable and sustainable economic base among the Peruvian communities they work with. Tuwi is also a member of the International Alpaca Association which works to maintain the highest standards in alpaca rearing, processing and quality.

photo of man and heard of alpacas in grass land with mountains and blue sky in background

Why is baby alpaca so special?

Baby alpaca does not refer to newborn animals, but instead to the grading of the fleece. Baby alpaca is the finest grade of an alpaca’s fleece and it’s this superior fibre that is used to produce Tuwi’s beautiful pieces. Read more about alpaca fibre and how we use it here. Comparable in its softness to cashmere but with an extra level of astounding silkiness, it was once reserved for South American royalty and was generally unheard of outside of the region. However, in recent years it has emerged as an increasingly desirable material owing to its luxurious texture and sustainability credentials. The Obamas gave baby alpaca blankets as gifts to the British Royal Family upon the births of Prince George and Princess Charlotte and the prominence of this wonderful textile has continued to rise ever since.

About the founder

Having had a career in modelling in Paris and Milan, founder Kasia McConaghy went on to work in luxury retail management in London for Harrods and Heidi Klein. This experience gave her an appreciation for beautiful design and a strong sense that quality is worth striving for. Her love affair with baby alpaca – and the idea for her business – was sparked in Cusco, the ancient Inca capital nestled within the Peruvian Andes, when she bought her first alpaca blanket. The feel and texture of it fascinated her and she quickly discovered that alpaca’s natural qualities – lightweight density, hypoallergenic, water resistance and super-softness – made it perfect for babies and children.

Following years of research and hard work, Kasia launched her first collection of baby blankets – as a mother of two it was a collection close to her heart and a significant moment for her after years of creative thought and careful planning. She quickly followed suit with blankets that grown-ups could appreciate too. Thus Tuwi – which takes its name from the word for baby alpaca in Quechua, the language of the Incas – was born.


Tuwi’s provenance

Each Tuwi product is a true investment piece that will last at least one generation, and certainly into the next if it is taken care of. The relentless focus on quality, the considered design, the elegant colour palette, and the small details that go into each piece are what sets Tuwi apart. It’s little wonder that the brand has seen a notable amount of coverage in the press including Vogue, The Independent, Luna, Epicure and more. It has also gained a strong following in the interior design industry with designers keen to introduce into their clients’ homes the exceptional quality and unique feel of baby alpaca in the form of Tuwi’s elegant throws and soft furnishings. If you’re an industry member, you can sign up to the Tuwi Interior Design Directory here.


Tuwi’s lines and collections don’t change every season. The styles don’t come with an expiry date. Instead, the focus is on creating timeless pieces that are designed to last and be treasured for years. And the drive to deliver luxurious, elegant products that are ethically and sustainably sourced is what drives the brand and its founder ever onwards.

Kasia McConaghy, founder of Tuwi London