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5 tips for creating a neutral colour palette in your home

The trend for neutral colours in our homes has been with us for quite some time now, and for good reason. They create a soothing space and communicate a sense of how you live your life. Done well, neutral shades in your home are far from boring and can offer the perfect foundation for an interesting and richly layered space.


Lockdown life has emphasised the importance of our home decoration, as the boundaries between living spaces and working environments have blurred. It’s more important than ever to get that balance right in our homes; to live and work in spaces that offer stability, comfort and flexibility when we need it. Neutrals can help achieve this.


Neutral tones feature prominently in the Tuwi homewares collection and our pieces are specifically designed to complement any space. Here are our top five tips on how to create a neutral palette in your home.

Add texture
This is probably the most critical step when working with a neutral colour palette. Different textures create interest and depth, so look at bringing in woven pieces, metallics, leather, wood and statement furniture, artwork or light fittings. The textured weave in our Qori and Wave throws lend beautiful contrast to any space. Combine new with old – contemporary pieces work brilliantly next to vintage items that look well-loved.

Keep furnishings simple
Avoid overtly detailed or fussy prints, textures and fabrics on soft furnishings and opt for simple, organic shapes and designs instead. Add further texture with metallic and leather accessories, and stone or ceramic vases. These will also help emphasise the natural, organic look and feel. Our collection of cushions is inspired by the natural beauty, textures and colours that appear in alpaca fleece. Our Vicuna cushion reflects the cinnamon hues of some alpaca, and the luxurious, long fibres in our Sand and Midnight cushions lend a subtle shimmer to a sofa, chair or bed.

Pick a tonal family and stick with it
What we mean by this is choosing one main hue and then the tints and tones of that colour. This doesn’t mean everything is the same colour – you can actually create wonderful multi-dimensional colour by taking this approach. Select your favourite neutral – it may be creams and whites, taupe, cool greys, warm greys with pink undertones, browns and caramel shades, the list goes on. Pick one that you love and then work with the various tints of that colour to provide contrast. Our Qori throws feature two reversible tones that will lend interest and luxurious warmth to any space. And our Inti reversible baby blankets will also work beautifully in a soothing neutral-toned nursery.

De-clutter your space
Neutral interiors are inherently harmonious but only if they are clutter-free. Less is definitely more when it comes to adding the finishing touches to your room. Smart, unimposing storage and a few of your favourite accessories in contrasting textures are all you need.

Think about the light
Your neutral colour palette will change throughout the day as the light shifts around your space. So light is a key consideration when choosing warm tones versus cooler ones. A warm neutral tends to work best in a north-facing room as it can help bounce the light around. A brighter room can handle cooler neutrals with blue, cool grey or violet undertones.

How do I add colour to my neutral space?

If you want to refresh your neutral room from time to time, the easiest way to do this is with colourful accents. Choose colours you’d find in nature, such as rusty reds and oranges, ochre and mustard, inky blues, and olive or forest greens. Black also looks wonderfully elegant against a neutral palette.



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