Alpaca welfare & sustainability

Alpaca welfare standards have always been paramount for us, and we know it’s important to our customers too. Tuwi was born from an ambition to do more to support sustainable homeware. Our products are for those who care about its journey and the welfare of those involved in the creation of it.

Alpaca producer walking with two alpacas in the Peruvian mountains

Our suppliers are backed by Pacomarca, a body based in Peru working to improve techniques and practices involved in alpaca rearing. Shearing is one of the most important aspects of alpaca rearing – at the heart of it lies the welfare of the animal, the yield & market price for the farmer and the safety of the shearers. Pacomarca’s research has led them to develop a shearing program with Peruvian farmers to improve the yields of their annual shearing while ensuring the wellbeing of the animal and physical safety of the farmers during shearing. Take a look at their video here to see how their working with Peruvian farmers and their wonderful alpacas.

Pacomarca offers their Inca shearing service free of charge to alpaca producers, and guarantees the best possible price in the market, paid to the producers direct without third parties being involved. Furthermore, batches of alpaca fibre shorn using their method is then listed with Pacomarca making it 100% traceable. This method has been officially adopted by the Peruvian government as the national shearing standard.

A close-up of beautiful alpaca fibre

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