Embroidered Christmas Decorations Heart Ornaments piled on top of each other

Embroidered Christmas Decorations Now Available at TUWI

We are delighted to share with you our new embroidered Christmas decorations! Designed to bring a touch of magic to your home this Christmas (or indeed all year round) the story behind our embroidered Christmas decorations is just as unique as the ornaments themselves…

In order to create these stunning decorations, TUWI has been working with a small collective in rural Peru. The collective is a part of a very special initiative which trains local artisans in ancestral embroidery techniques. The work of the collective not only keeps the embroidery tradition alive but creates a source of income for what is otherwise a very poor community. Fairtrade certified schemes such as these are crucial to helping communities build a more sustainable economic base so that they can survive large scale incidents like pandemics or natural disasters.

Celebrating their special origin story, every TUWI embroidered Christmas decoration features a unique hand-embroidered pattern.

Our hand-embroidered stars and hearts make eye-catching additions to the Christmas tree. Available in a range of greys, taupes and creams, every TUWI heart and star features elaborate handmade detailing. Our snowflake ornament has also proven itself as a particular festive favourite, stunning with its distinctive snowflake shape and textured design.

Hand Embroidered Christmas DecorationsFitted with a wide loophole at the top, all our embroidered Christmas decorations are easy to hang on a tree securely. Both sides of the decoration are embroidered which means the intricate pattern will still be visible whichever way the decoration twirls on the branches. An extra bonus you’ll find with wool tree decorations in comparison to regular baubles is that they won’t smash if they fall on the ground. This is great when living in a house with little ones were Christmas decorations tend to spend more time off the tree than on it!

And this brings us to another reason we’re so excited about our new embroidered Christmas decorations. As magical as they look dotted around the festive home, these embroidered ornaments can also be used as adorable baby room decorations all year round. Super soft in texture, wool decorations are ideally suited for a baby room. Whilst decorations made using hard materials like wood or metal have small parts which can detach and cause a choking hazard, our embroidered Christmas decorations are sewn together in one super soft piece. Aside from the suitability of our embroidered decorations they also just look adorable and will bring some joy to your baby’s room whatever the season.

For decorating the rest of the house, the embroidered heart cushion featured in our new collection perfectly offsets our embroidered Christmas decorations. Hand made using a similar intricate pattern to our embroidered hearts, the TUWI heart cushion is a stylish addition to a sofa or bed. To complete the cosy look this Christmas, all our embroidered decorations look great in a room filled with the softest baby alpaca throws and cushions.

For further inspiration in getting your home ready for Christmas this year, please explore the rest of our homeware collection.

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