Cloud Double Sided Cushion in Midnight Blue and Steel Grey

Made from our signature baby alpaca fleece, this beautifully soft cushion makes an understated and elegant addition to your bedroom, living space or home office. The reversible design comes in an inky midnight blue on one side and a subtle steel grey on the other. The super-soft fibres feature a delicate wave, and this combined with a lovely silky-looking sheen make this cushion irresistibly tactile.

Please note: We are unable to send filled cushions outside of the UK and Europe. If you live outside of these regions, the cushion cover will be sent unfilled and we recommend you fill it with an inner of the dimensions 50cm x50cm.

45cm x 45cm

68% baby suri alpaca, 29% wool, 3% nylon

Feather insert

Made in the UK

Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only


In stock


The wonderful facts about baby alpaca fibre:

First, it does not come from baby animals. The term ‘baby alpaca’ describes how fine the fibre is (19,5-21,5 microns).

Baby alpaca fibre is:

– Luxurious: comparable to cashmere in its softness but is rarer than cashmere, more eco-friendly and more sustainable.

– Lightweight and breathable: its outstanding thermal qualities means baby alpaca blankets and throws keep you cool in the heat as well as cosy in winter.

Hypoallergenic: no lanolin, so ideal for babies and those with sensitive skin.

– Self-cleansing, water repellent, elastic and durable. Your baby alpaca scarf, blanket or throw is a long-term investment which you will enjoy for many years.


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