Gift Ideas - The Tuwi Baby Blanket, Baby Hat, and Alpaca Wool Sweater Gift Set

5 Grandparent Gift Ideas for New Baby & Mom On Tuwi

Think up the perfect gift ideas for a new grandchild at Christmas can be a hard task. After all, you want to find a gift that’s (almost) as special as they are. This is where the unique qualities of baby alpaca wool standout. If you’re searching for a gift to show your love for new baby and mom this Christmas, baby alpaca clothing is a great place to start.

The Tuwi story began with a search to find the best material to suit babies. This is how we found baby alpaca wool and here’s why we feel in love with its special qualities:

  • Baby alpaca wool is delicately soft and 100% hypoallergenic. Free from impurities and luxuriously fine, baby alpaca wool is soothing on sensitive baby skin.
  • Unique thermal qualities make breathable garments which keep babies warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. This is important for new babies who cannot regulate their own body temperatures.
  • It’s long-lasting. Unlike other wools, baby alpaca doesn’t pill, meaning it maintains its quality for a number of years- an ideal way to help mom save money.
  • Ethically sourced, baby alpaca wool is fully sustainable. Alpacas do not damage the land they graze on and produce a much higher ratio of wool than other livestock. And, let’s not forget the durability of alpaca wool, helping to save the planet and mom’s wallet alike.

With these superb qualities in mind, we’ve picked some of our favourite ethical gift ideas for grandparents to give to new baby and mum.

Hand Knit Baby Vest

Hand Knitted using the finest baby alpaca wool this little vest is a smart addition to a winter outfit. The vest is finished with detailed edging whilst benefiting from all the cosiness of baby alpaca. You can choose from a range of neutral colours to suit your little one and be confident that you’ve made an eco-friendly choice of gift.

Baby Alpaca Bonnets & Hats

Popcorn Alpaca Wool Hand-Knitted Baby HatsSuper fun in style, our range of baby bonnets and hats are some of the most popular grandparent gift ideas for a new baby. The TUWI handknitted baby popcorn hat features textured popcorn stitching whilst our bonnets are finished with two adorable pom poms. Both hats deliver as much in warmth as they do in cuteness. With baby alpaca wool creating 5x more heat than sheep’s wool, these baby hats are the perfect gift to help mom keep her new baby toasty and warm this festive season.

Tuwi Baby Alpaca Wool Knitted Baby BonnetsCable Knit Baby Sweater

This traditional sweater is made using a classic cable knit stitch. As baby alpaca wool is free from lanolin and other impurities it does not cause itching like other wool jumpers. With years of use guaranteed, this cable knit sweater can become a wonderful hand-me-down for baby number two.

Baby Alpaca Baby Blankets

Tuwi Alpaca Wool Baby Blankets In 3 ColoursOur charming alpaca baby blankets are available in a range of designs, both contemporary and traditional to accommodate individual style. The breathable nature of alpaca wool means little ones are kept snug during the winter months without becoming overheated. A sustainable investment, a TUWI baby blanket is likely to become a cherished member of the family for generations to come.

Baby Alpaca Rompers and Dungarees

Dungaree Baby Shorts & Romper SuitsA hand-knitted romper or dungaree is a practical gift for mum and a special way for grandparents to welcome a new baby to the family this Christmas. Ideal for layering over a bodysuit, our rompers and dungarees are as stylish as they are soft. Each product features unique stitching detail but all share the same level of comfort.

Don’t forget mum!

Looking after a new baby is a rewarding yet exhausting experience. Show your support for mum with all the cosiness of baby alpaca. Our baby alpaca scarves make particularly good sustainable Christmas gifts for new parents. With a range of colours and patterns to choose from, you can find a unique gift that suits their individual personality and shows them how much you care.

Tuwi Alpaca Wool Maya Eco Scarves In 3 ColoursFor more inspiration on what to buy the rest of the family this Christmas, take a look at our top 5 ethical gift ideas for a sustainable Christmas.

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