Tuwi grey alpaca wool blanket with white fairy lights and poms poms

TUWI’s Top 5 Ethical Gift Ideas For A Sustainable Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and unfortunately, the most wasteful. Christmas means more of everything- we eat more, we buy more and generally treat ourselves more than we would at any other time of the year. If you’re hoping to have a more sustainable Christmas this year there are so many ways to do so without losing the magic of the season, and a great place to start is with the gifts we choose.

If you’re looking to treat your loved ones with unique, ethical gifts this year, TUWI is the perfect place to begin your Christmas shop. All our products are made using the finest baby alpaca wool which is sustainably sourced.

Naturally hypoallergenic, baby alpaca wool is not artificially treated using hazardous chemicals making it as kind to the environment as it is to skin. Gentle in nature, alpacas do not destroy the land they graze on and even better, they produce a much higher ratio of wool than other livestock (up to 16x more than a goat). Baby alpaca wool is also durable and water repellent meaning a TUWI gift will last a number of years if cared for correctly.

And, don’t worry – despite the name, baby alpaca wool does not come from baby alpacas. The term ‘baby’ is used to refer to the fineness of the wool, the quality which gives TUWI clothing and homeware that exceptional softness that cannot be found on the high street. For more information, read our article on the Alpaca Wool Grading System.

To help you get inspired for a sustainable Christmas this year we’ve handpicked our top 5 ethical gift ideas from the TUWI collection.

Maya Eco Alpaca Wool Scarf

Tuwi Alpaca Wool Maya Eco Scarves In 3 ColoursA scarf is a popular choice of gift at Christmas time and the Maya Eco Alpaca Wool Scarf is a luxury, eco-friendly alternative. Available in an array of colours, the Maya Scarf is undyed, saving approximately 53 litres of water per 1kg of raw material that would be wasted through artificial dying. Exceptionally soft and delicate in weight, the Maya Eco Scarf does not compromise on comfort and is woven using the finest baby alpaca wool and a touch of silk. Its unique thermal properties make the Maya Scarf a cosy year-round accessory that can be unfolded and worn as an elegant wrap for those more formal festivities.

Luxury Baby Alpaca Throw

Tuwi Baby Alpaca Throws in 3 coloursWith frosty mornings and cold nights, Christmas is all about cosiness and comfort. As baby alpaca fibres are hollow they can trap more air than sheep’s wool and consequently provide greater insulation. These unique thermal qualities combined with the lavish feel of the wool make a TUWI throw the ultimate comfort garment and the perfect gift to care for a loved one. Self- cleansing and water-repellent, a baby alpaca throw is guaranteed many years of use. With plenty of colours and designs to choose from, there is a baby alpaca throw to please even the fussiest of family and friends.

Baby Alpaca Baby Bonnet

Tuwi Baby Alpaca Wool Knitted Baby BonnetsFor winter baby clothing which is ethically sourced and soft on baby skin, look no further than baby alpaca wool. An ethical gift which is bound to please little ones and parents alike, Tuwi baby bonnets feature 2 adorable pom poms along with all the softness and comfort of baby alpaca. Handmade in Peru, these bonnets are fairtrade certified and 100% natural. The perfect addition to any winter outfit, the baby alpaca baby bonnet can be gifted as a stocking filler or as an adorable addition to a complete TUWI outfit.

Baby Alpaca Knitted Baby Blanket

Tuwi Alpaca Wool Baby Blankets In 3 ColoursIf you’re looking for an ethical gift to buy a new parent this year, our baby alpaca baby blankets are a thoughtful way of demonstrating your love and support. The hypoallergenic qualities of baby alpaca wool are perfectly suited to baby’s sensitive skin, whilst the wool’s breathability keeps them warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. The natural qualities of baby alpaca wool are kind to baby skin but also to the environment which is why a TUWI baby blanket is a conscious choice of gift for little ones and the planet.

Artisan Christmas Ornaments

3 x Hand Embroidered Christmas Ornaments. A heart in between 2 Stars A recent addition to the Tuwi product range, our collection of Artisan Christmas Ornaments is made using 100% Fair Trade sheep wool in rural Peru. Available in heart, star, and snowflake shapes, they are beautifully embroidered by hand using ancestral embroidery techniques. These ornaments are a perfect ethical gift for friends, family, or even yourself, and will look wonderful hanging next each to other on a Christmas Tree, mantlepiece, and just about anywhere else. When the Christmas Season has come and gone, these ornaments can also be used to decorate a baby’s nursery.

Hopefully, these picks have provided some inspiration for the festive season and you can check out our outlet section to see if any are currently on offer. However, if you still can’t decide then why not let them decide with a TUWI gift card. A TUWI gift card allows loved ones to choose from a range of baby alpaca clothing and homeware to suit their personal taste.

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