Tuwi alpaca Fur cushion, alpaca fur throw, and Roca throw in taupe on a sofa

Get Your Home Ready For Autumn With Baby Alpaca Blankets & Cushions

With the evenings drawing in and the temperatures gradually dropping, Autumn is definitely on its way. Prepare yourself for this autumn and stay warm with our baby alpaca blankets and baby alpaca throws that provide a similar softness to cashmere but with 5 times more warmth, making them a perfect item to keep you cosy from the Autumn through to the winter. 

Tuwi Baby Alpaca Blankets

Here at Tuwi, we have a passion for providing high quality and luxurious products and with the outstanding properties of using baby alpaca fleece, it makes a perfect material to create blankets for babies and young children.

Not only are our luxurious alpaca wool baby blankets perfect for keeping children warm and cosy, but they are also incredibly durable and long-lasting. Due to the material’s inherent longevity, your baby will be able to grow up with their favourite blanket and enjoy it for years on end. In fact, with the right care and attention, their children may eventually get the chance to enjoy the blanket too.

If you’re looking to purchase a present for a baby shower and you don’t know the gender of the child, most of our range of baby alpaca blankets are a neutral tone, making them a safe option to go with. This versatility doesn’t detract anything from them, however, as their neutrality still reflects a high-quality stylish aesthetic. Not convinced? You can take a look on our site and we’re sure you’ll agree.

As a company we wanted to connect the origins of our products with the home of our brand, so we designed the Heritage blanket collection, which brings together the iconic Liberty of London fabric print with the baby alpaca blankets. 



Tuwi Baby Alpaca Throws

Our baby alpaca throws have recently been reviewed to “bring an effortless touch of luxury to any room”, making these a great investment to style your home and keep your warm during the autumn and winter months.

The luxury baby alpaca throws we offer are more eco-friendly and sustainable in their origin than cashmere, which they share similarities with. With fibres from one alpaca you can make up to four sweaters, however, with cashmere fibres you will need to take the fibre from 4 goats to make just one sweater, involving a longer and more detailed process.

As well as this, our luxury alpaca wool throws also contain self-cleansing and water repellent properties making the baby alpaca throws fairly durable and a great investment to keep for years to come.

Guilt-Free Alpaca Fur Cushions By Tuwi

One special feature of our cushions is the variety of shades that they provide as a result of the light shining in catching on areas of the Suri fur, available in 3 different neutral colours, beige, silver-grey, and white, these cushions work wonders with any interior design style.

At Tuwi, every one of our products is made with ethically sourced skins from alpacas in Peru that have died from natural causes, meaning that no alpacas are harmed in the production of our luxurious products.

Each of our cushions is made from lots of small pieces of alpaca fibres that have been carefully matched to ensure the colour and texture remains the same across each cushion. For this reason, each Tuwi Alpaca fur cushion is likely to have their own unique variation meaning that 2 cushions of the same colour may not look completely identical although still providing you with the natural beauty from the Suri alpaca.

If you’re thinking about redecorating your home, or even just your lounge, our extraordinarily luxurious alpaca fur cushions are sure to impress; particularly when combined with the beige or silver-grey throw.

We hope that this has helped inspire you to get ready for autumn this year and experience the wonderful baby alpaca fleece that at Tuwi we know and love.

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