Baby's feet sticking out of Alpaca Wool knitted Blanket

Why Should You Choose TUWI Baby Alpaca Knitted Baby Clothes?

Our story began as a result of our research into the best fabrics for our new baby and from that Tuwi was born and we created a whole range of items using baby alpaca wool. Using baby alpaca wool offers many different benefits amongst our customers from being super lightweight, natural, hypoallergenic to extremely soft. So we had to use this fabric!

As well as this, alpaca fibre is very durable which makes it a perfect choice to use in our knitted baby clothes, making the traditional styles great to hand down amongst generations. Before we look into why you should choose Tuwi alpaca knitted baby clothes for your bundle of joy, we just wanted to make things clear.

As much as the name may suggest, baby alpaca fibre does not come from newborn animals but is simply defined as the type of grading to describe how fine the fibre is. Baby alpaca wool grading is between 19,5 – 21,5 microns and thanks to the air pockets found in the alpaca fibres the thermal qualities of this material are second to none and will bring warmth in cold weather and keep the body cool in the heat. This is a fantastic quality to have within our knitted baby clothes as babies are unable to regulate their own body temperature in the way adults do.

As opposed to sheep’s wool, baby alpaca wool is a great higher quality alternative for those with sensitive skin. Lanolin and other oils in sheep’s wool can often cause irritation to the skin. Babies have very sensitive skin and alpaca knitted baby clothes provide the same look as sheep’s wool but with a gentler feel.

Knitted Baby Bonnets & Hats

Tuwi Baby Alpaca Wool Knitted Baby Bonnets

We just think babies in bonnets and hats are too adorable, headwear is also an important way to keep their body temperature regulated.

Our new range of knitted baby bonnets and hats is available in Cream, Grey, and Beige, with the bonnets also supporting the cutest little pom-poms. They are a great addition to any baby outfit thanks to the neutral colouring. As well as this, as we’ve said earlier, alpaca wool is hypoallergenic and natural meaning that you can use this from birth. With sizes ranging to 2 years old, this is a great excuse to dress your children in matching outfits.

Popcorn Alpaca Wool Hand-Knitted Baby HatsFor a similar look to the bonnets, we also have a range of popcorn alpaca wool knitted baby hats, also available in Cream, Grey and Beige colourways.

Dungaree Baby Shorts & Romper Suits

Tuwi Baby Alpaca Wool Dungaree Baby Shorts & Romper SuitsAmongst our range of knitted baby clothes, are the baby dungaree shorts and baby rompers. These offer a traditional style. Both the romper suits and dungaree shorts have a wooden button fastening on the legs to ensure for a quick and easy nappy change.

Pairing these with a long-sleeved bodysuit, as you can see, creates an adorable stylish outfit for your little one. Here you can also see the beige bonnet we mentioned earlier.

Baby Sweaters & Vests

We couldn’t create a range of knitted baby clothes without including sweaters and vests to add to your babies winter wardrobe and keep them warm in the coming months when the weather is becoming colder.

Tuwi Baby Alpaca Wool Baby Sweaters & VestsMatch with your mini-me this winter with our classic Cable Knit Baby Sweater In Grey, paired with some black trousers, this jumper creates a smart and sophisticated look for special occasions. Our Knitted Baby Vests are another item from our knitted baby clothes which paired with a baby’s cotton shirt or long-sleeved dress is a fantastic layering item to keep your little ones warm and cosy. With these available in a range of neutral colours, they will match any outfit ensuring you get the most use out of your purchase.

The Tuwi range of knitted baby clothes is full of beautiful items to purchase as a gift whether it be for a baby shower, christening or a birthday gift. If you’ve purchased any of our knitted baby clothes recently, we’d love for you to leave us a review of your items to pass onto others.

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