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Staying home, what I find useful

The pandemic certainly came as a shock to us all. I am full of gratitude for all the key workers still doing their jobs so the rest of us can shelter in our own homes and wait for the worse to pass.

If you’re in quarantine alone, have lost loved ones or are finding it difficult mentally, I am particularly sending my love.

For me, the key to surviving what’s left of our quarantine journey (which is of course different for each of us) is finding a silver lining in this chaos  while also making the home space as welcoming and pleasurable as possible.

Here are just a couple of the ideas I’ve pulled together from favourite podcasts, blogs and Instagram trends to help us keep our spirits up and find new reserves of tolerance for what lies ahead. I hope you’ll find some of them useful!

We are very lucky with the weather here, in London and I am pretty sure, everyone in the Northern Hemisphere has unpacked  their summer wardrobe by now (Marie Kondo technique, anyone?). While you’re clearing out your wardrobe, try on your favourite summer clothes and accessories, have a play with your hair and make-up and share it with the world on Instagram on a Friday (or don’t, just take a selfie and enjoy your new look). I haven’t put on make-up for a month now, but it makes me happy to look at the #dressupfriday grid and see beautiful people everywhere playing dress-up — to me it has a higher meaning, a reminder that the lockdown is temporary and we’ll all be out and about one day!

While you’re on a decluttering mission, attack the bathroom cupboards, assemble all the beauty products that need to be used up and give yourself a spa day. Or check out www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com which is full of ideas for natural products such as masks, scrubs, oils and lotions made from ingredients you might have at home.

I love books but usually don’t have much time to research titles that I’d really like so I enjoy the book stacks recommended by @pandorasykes, co-host of The High Low podcast. Pandora features many of her recommendations on the podcast, there’s always a good range of fiction and non-fiction and her enthusiasm is infectious. 

My single friends love Shani Silver’s podcast, A Single Serving, and her blog features regular lists of best buys for those who are staying home solo. https://www.shanisilver.com/home/2020/4/28/actually-helpful-quarantine-products-for-single-women The good news is, you don’t have to be single to buy them. I am all for investing in quality products that will make our new day-to-day reality more comfortable.

I also got some lovely feedback from a couple of friends about Tuwi’s products. It makes me happy knowing that Tuwi can play a part in making one’s life comfortable, especially in lockdown!

One of my friends was telling me about the advantages of quarantining solo. She gets the whole couch to herself every evening, and the whole of her Quilla throw, which has also come in very handy for home yoga practice. Another single friend told me that she had thought of getting a pet, but her Tuwi cruelty-free fur cushion was just as comforting. It’s a great sensory experience for kids too. 

Tuwi’s soft and light scarves are handy for working from home when you get a bit chilly at your desk. If you’ve got outside space, you might just manage dinner outdoors with Tuwi blankets as an extra layer, or reach for them on the sofa for a cosy evening in. 

The one quarantine tip I keep reading again and again is that if you feel low, an instant remedy is to check in over the phone or virtually with a friend (especially someone who’s living alone). Gifting is another quick pick me up gesture – who doesn’t love to put a smile on their loved ones’ faces? With so much of our lives lived on screen now, it’s lovely to get a physical gift. You could send some flowers or a small surprise through the post (almost everything is still available online!). And if they’re very good friends and you feel like sending a Tuwi throw to snuggle under, we’re offering 20% off (we will also donate 10% to the SOS Children’s Village in Peru so your gift will have two recipients!)

Or just treat yourself: it feels good. 

Stay home, stay safe, stay cosy.

Kasia x

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