Tuwi Baby Alpaca Wool Throws (Qori, Wave grey, Wave cream, Inti grey, Quilla charcoal, Wave large)

What Makes Baby Alpaca Wool Clothing & Blankets Standout?

Emerald green Alpaca Wool throw and fur cushionBaby alpaca wool was originally a precious fibre reserved for South American royalty, so it’s no wonder that people nowadays are still falling in love with the material’s luxurious qualities. After all, if alpaca wool clothing is good enough for royalty then it must have something pretty spectacular going for it, right?

Right. You see, baby alpaca wool clothing is characterised by its lavishly soft and silky texture. It is superior to sheep wool and goat wool not only because of its deluxe softness but due to its ethical footprint and the fact that it is 100% hypoallergenic.

Thanks to its soft, hypoallergenic nature, baby alpaca wool makes exceptional quality baby clothes which are delicate on sensitive skin. This means it also makes the most welcoming home accessories, as well as cosy baby clothes and accessories, that you can be confident are ecologically friendly.

In case you’re not yet fully convinced of this material’s superior quality, we’d like to unpack why we love it so much a little bit further.

We know baby alpaca wool clothing and blankets are outstanding products because:

They’re eco- friendly & ethically sourced…

Alpacas are gentle grazers who are kind to their local environment so, unlike sheep and goats, alpacas do not damage the land which they graze on. They avoid pulling out the root of the plant when eating and their soft padded feet prevent their hooves from damaging the ground they tread on.

What’s more, Alpaca baby wool is completely biodegradable and renewable. Alpacas produce a substantially higher ratio of wool than other grazing animals which increases the fibre’s sustainability.

Maya ECO Beige Alpaca Wool Scarf with Brown and Grey stripesIt provides luxurious comfort…

Dreamily soft and silky in texture, baby alpaca wool clothing deliver the ultimate comfort garment. Five times warmer than sheep’s wool, alpaca has unique thermal qualities which make alpaca blankets and throws the cosiest accessories in the house.

Whilst other wools contain lanolin which can cause the skin to become irritated, baby alpaca wool is free from lanolin and so is soothing on sensitive skin. 100% hypoallergenic, baby alpaca wool is the most suitable material to make delicate baby clothes and blankets with.

It’s long-lasting….

If cared for in the correct way, garments made from baby alpaca wool should maintain their quality for a number of years. In spite of its delicate texture and appearance, baby alpaca wool is far more resilient than sheep’s wool. What’s more, it is water-repellent so shouldn’t get damaged if exposed to water.

When being cleaned, baby alpaca wool doesn’t felt. Other wools produce small balls of fibre known as ‘pills’ when they are cleaned, but baby alpaca wool maintains its smooth appearance.

It suits your style…

There are more than twenty natural colours which come from baby alpaca wool. From dark greys to light fawns, there is a shade to suit every individual taste. Whether its clothing or home accessories you’re looking for, the comfort of baby alpaca wool is always matched by its ability to provide elegant style.

Clearly we have plenty of good things to say about baby alpaca wool, but don’t just take our word for it- take a look at what the press have had to say about our baby alpaca wool products. To see for yourself what all the fuss is about, explore the full range of baby alpaca wool products which we have available on our website.

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