The TUWI Temperature Guide for Dressing Babies in Winter

With winter on the way, it’s essential that we know how to keep our babies protected from the colder temperatures. Little ones are much more sensitive to the cold than adults and cannot regulate their own body temperature in the same way that we can. This is why it’s so important to dress them in the right layers. Although it’s winter, this involves making sure that your baby does not overheat as this can be equally as detrimental to health as exposure to the cold. With this in mind, layering is the key to dressing babies for winter as it means you can easily add or remove a layer according to their temperature.

It is in the winter weather that the exceptional qualities of baby alpaca wool stand out against Merino sheep’s wool or cashmere in the making of baby clothes. Not only is baby alpaca wool softer and warmer than Merino wool, it is also 100% hypoallergenic. Whilst Merino wool often contains lanolin, baby alpaca wool is completely free from impurities, making it delicate on baby soft skin. What’s more, the production of baby alpaca wool is eco-friendly and, contrary to what its name would suggest, does not come from newborn alpacas. The term ‘baby’ is used to refer to the fineness of the fibres – the characteristic that makes it luxuriously soft and creates the cosiest baby clothes!

For guidance on how to layer baby alpaca clothes, we have put together a simple temperature guide for dressing babies in winter.

Mild 15-20 ºC

If we’re lucky, temperatures can be relatively mild as we head into and out of Winter. On these days, a base layer such as a bodysuit and leggings should provide your little one with the warmth they need, but a top over the base is recommended. Of course, if it’s raining then remember to add a waterproof jacket, however, the base layer should be moisture-wicking and breathable to help keep your baby comfy.

Items of clothing like the base layer that has direct contact with baby skin should be made from a material that is delicate on sensitive skin. As baby alpaca wool is 100% hypoallergenic, it’s super soft on baby skin making it ideal for adding on top of a base layer when it gets colder. Whilst impurities found in sheep wool and cashmere can irritate the skin, the natural fibres of baby alpaca wool are soothing and delicate.

Cold 8-14 º

If taking your baby out on those colder days, you’ll want to add a mid-layer on top of the base layer. Adjusting the thickness of the mid-layer depending on how low you foresee the temperature dropping is a good approach for dressing babies in winter, which is what makes our cable-knit baby sweater the perfect addition for chillier days. Stitched using a classic cable design, this little sweater has style with all the softness of baby alpaca wool. This will be a warmer option than a fleece jumper as baby alpaca fibre provides 5x more heat than sheep’s wool. These qualities are replicated in the TUWI hand-knit baby vests, which provides another cosy option for the mid-layer.

Tuwi Baby Alpaca Wool Baby Sweaters & VestsAvailable in warm taupe or soft grey this smart vest is an eco-friendly addition to your baby’s autumn/ winter wardrobe. You can be confident that the baby alpaca wool we use to make our luxury baby clothes is sustainable. Unlike other livestock that destroys the land they graze on, alpacas are gentle grazers and so the production of baby alpaca wool does not harm the local environment.

When the temperature is below 14ºC, you may also want to keep your baby warm with a cosy hat. Our adorable bonnet hat features two pom-poms and detailed stitching alongside all the softness of baby alpaca. Don’t forget to add a raincoat if it’s just as wet as it is cold outside!

Very cold 3-7 ºC

When it’s extra chilly you’ll want to increase the number of layers you’re dressing your baby in and ensure they have the necessary hats and mittens. You might want to double up on the mid-layer or add an additional outer layer. In rainy weather, the outer layer should be waterproof.

Popcorn Alpaca Wool Hand-Knitted Baby HatsIt’s on these colder days that thermal qualities of baby alpaca wool really stand out against other luxury wools like Merino and cashmere. We’ve already mentioned that baby alpaca wool is significantly warmer than sheep’s wool, but what’s even more special about baby alpaca yarn is its breathability. Baby alpaca wool creates warmth in cold conditions but also keeps the body cool when it gets hot. This is a fantastic quality for baby clothes as babies cannot regulate their own body temperatures.

Our collection of baby alpaca rompers and baby short dungarees benefit from the characteristics of baby alpaca and can be worn over a bodysuit to add that extra layer of warmth in frosty temperatures. We have rompers and dungarees available in a range of different natural colours, all of which coordinate fantastically with our super fun baby popcorn hats!

Freezing 5 – -2 ºC

If temperatures hit freezing this winter, in addition to the warming layers of alpaca baby clothes, dressing babies in the correct snowsuit or insulated outer layers will make a big difference. Make sure their hands and feet are kept toasty and warm and keep their heads covered with our baby alpaca popcorn or bonnet hats.

During winter nights…

As the temperature drops significantly at night during the winter, we want to pay extra attention to ensuring our baby is the correct temperature when they go to sleep. The recommended temperature for a child’s nursery is 16-20 ºC. Depending on the temperature, you might want to put your baby to bed in a bodysuit or add a lightweight layer. When feeding and changing your baby during these colder nights, keep them cosy by wrapping them up in one of our knitted baby blankets. Made from the finest baby alpaca wool, our knitted blankets are delicately cosy and make the perfect gift for newborn parents.

Tuwi Alpaca Wool Baby Blankets In 3 Colours

For more information on why baby alpaca makes the finest baby clothes take a look at our blog discussing what exactly it is that makes alpaca knitted baby clothes so special.

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