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Why Is Choosing Eco-friendly Baby Clothes Important?

When caring for a newborn, we always want to choose what’s best for their health and happiness. This shouldn’t change when it comes to choosing the best baby clothes to buy and here’s why we believe that eco-friendly baby clothes fall under this category.

Baby skin is a lot more sensitive than adult’s skin, which is why it’s so important that we’re really considering the clothes we choose to dress our little ones in. Not only is baby skin softer and thinner than ours, but it’s also more sensitive to chemicals and less resistant to bacteria. As a result, baby clothes which contain chemicals and impurities are likely to irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. This, in some cases, can cause allergic reactions and create skin problems such as contact dermatitis.

Baby clothes which are not organic are often made using harsh chemicals and wear down a lot more quickly than sustainable baby clothes. The farming of non-organic cotton, for example, relies heavily upon the use of man-made pesticides. Once in production, cotton fibres usually go through additional chemical treatments such as bleaching and softening before the product is released for sale. This makes them unsuitable for baby’s skin which is more absorbent of chemicals and more reactive to impurities than adult skin.

Free from any of the nasty impurities mentioned above, Organic baby clothes are a far more suitable choice for baby’s sensitive skin. Delicately soft, free from chemicals and a lot more sustainable, organic baby clothes are kinder to baby skin as well as the environment.

Tuwi organic baby clothes embody all these crucial qualities, whilst benefiting from the luxurious softness which is unique to baby alpaca wool. The term ‘baby’ refers to the fineness of alpaca wool fibres and this is the property which gives the wool that exceptionally soft feel.

More importantly, baby alpaca wool is 100% hypoallergenic, making our organic baby clothing completely free from impurities. Other wools, such as sheep’s wool, often contain a waxy, oily substance called lanolin which is an impurity known for causing skin irritation. Baby alpaca wool is free from such chemicals and does not need to go through any artificial treatments. The natural softness of alpaca wool is therefore soothing on sensitive skin where non-organic materials can cause irritation.

Another reason baby alpaca wool is the best fabric for producing organic baby clothing is its unique thermal properties. As babies cannot regulate their own body temperatures as efficiently as we can, it’s essential that their clothes do not cause overheating whilst also providing warmth when it is needed. This is an area in which baby alpaca wool really does stand out against other organic baby clothing. The wool’s inherent thermal properties make for clothing which is breathable whilst providing up to 5x more warmth than sheep’s wool in low temperatures. Benefitting from these properties, Tuwi baby sweaters and vests make perfect outer layers for those colder days, whilst of course looking very stylish!

Also essential for keeping your baby comfortable is the water-repellent properties of alpaca baby clothes. Wools which are highly water-absorbent can quickly become saturated. This can cause the skin to sweat more easily and become uncomfortable. Water runs off baby alpaca wool and so does not become saturated like other wools making it a far more comfy option for little ones.

When all these points are taken into account, organic baby clothes like those made from baby alpaca wool are clearly the best option for baby skin. This is why it’s so important that we are opting for organic baby clothes over cheaper, non-organic options.

However, it’s also important that we choose organic baby clothes for the sake of the environment. Clothing which is produced using artificial processes, such as ‘super-washing’ releases hazardous chemicals into the environment which are detrimental to the ecosystem. By choosing organic materials which are naturally sourced you’ll be helping to reduce the amount of pollution which is caused every year by the production of non-organic clothing. Sustainability is incredibly important to us at Tuwi and contributes a huge amount to our ethos as a socially responsible brand. This is why all our organic baby clothes are sourced in an ethical and sustainable way.

If you would like more information on why baby alpaca wool is so well suited for little ones, please have a read of our blog discussing why you should choose alpaca knitted baby clothes.

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